Thinking of Renovating? Here’s Your Guide!

Have your started considering the many benefits of renovating? House renovations – whether it’s one room, two room or the entire house – come with a bucket lot of benefits for you as a home owner to enjoy. Not only do you get to restyle and remake the house/room to suit your exact needs and specifications, you get the opportunity to dramatically increase the value of your property.

House renovations are the perfect opportunity to fix up those issues and features that have been annoying you for quite some time now. Are you sick of looking at that 70s style wallpaper? Does the bathroom vanity have barely enough space to contain all your products? Is there no room in your laundry for a washing hamper? There could be a number of things that bother you about your existing property – and renovations will help you fix all of them!

Before you start ripping out any of your property’s interior and loading up waste into a mini skip bin, there’s a number of things you’ll need to take into account beforehand. Take a look below the image and also through the rest of this website to get the best tips and advice for how to go about your property renovations.

House Renovation

Where to start?


Before you start your house renovation, you’ll want to think and budgeting and costs. This is the most crucial factor in any renovation, as incorrect planning and insufficient costs can leave you feeling stressed, worried and completely out of pocked.

Have you been saving for a while now, and have a set amount put aside for the project? Or are you hoping to dip into your savings account to get the funds? It’s always highly recommended that you work with existing money, as oppose to loaning it or racking it up on a credit card. Issues and problems can arise throughout the project, and you don’t want to be dipping into money that you don’t actually have expectantly! So if you want to save some money first, take a look at this handy savings calculator.


Now that you’ve determined what kind of budget you have for the renovation project, you can now look at how many rooms you’ll be renovating. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to renovate the entire house – as great as that would be! If you only have the budget for one or a couple of rooms, your best bet is to renovate those rooms that will improve the property value the most.

The most valuable room renovations that you can do are the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. That’s because these are three of the most visited/used rooms of the entire household. Starting off with these rooms is a good idea, and then you can move onto the bedrooms, dining area and lounge once you have the funds ready.


Do you have a renovation checklist ready? Having a checklist throughout your entire renovation project is crucial to ensuring that everything goes according to both the plan and the budget. Take a look at these great renovation checklists here.